Welcome aboard the Super Star Virgo

As the flagship of Star Cruises' Asian fleet, SuperStar Virgo features a wide range of entertainment options, luxury duty free shopping and restaurants serving cuisine from around the world, including Italian, Japanese and Southeast Asian delicacies. You'll discover China's Pearl River Delta, Hainan's Sanya, Vietnam's Halong Bay and Da Nang. It's perfect for either a family vacation or a holiday with friends. SuperStar Virgo also provides free shuttle bus for passengers arriving in Guangzhou.


Welcome aboard the Super Star Gemini

SuperStar Gemini combines smart new cabins, restaurants and recreational areas with 6,000 square feet of premium duty-free shopping. The vessel sails from Singapore and stops at the beautiful Malaysian ports of Malacca, PulauRedang, PulauTioman, Langkawi, Penang and Kuala Lumpur. You will enjoy the best of both Singapore and Malaysia with our cruise.


Welcome aboard the Super Star Libra

Haikou, is SuperStar Libra's homeport which is the capital of China's southernmost island of Hainan is blessed with a perfect, year-round tropical climate. Stroll it before your cruise to Halong Bay, Danang and Hue in Vietnam.
*Resident Identity Card (PRC) holders who depart from Haikou will enjoy a VISA-free trip (Halong Bay trip only).


Welcome aboard the Super Star Aquarius

The Taiwanese port of Keelung is home to SuperStar Aquarius. Onboard, it's non-stop entertainment with facilities including a swimming pool, golf putting green, fitness centre and spa. On shore, we will bring you travel around the Japanese islands, includingIshigaki Island, Okinawa Japan, which is a paradise surrounded by coral reefs, beautiful beaches, and small uninhabited islands.